Famous From The Day We Opened. Live shows every half hour.

Hours: 11:30am-Midnight (Sunday-Thursday)
11:30am-1:30am (Friday & Saturday)

Hot 75 channel arcade and large retail. map email


Naked Night Tuesdays – October 13th, 20th, & 27th @ 8PM

Come join the fun!  Naked Night Tuesdays  in October! Complimentary Clothes Check and Refreshments. October 13th, 20th & 27th @ 8PM


One On One at the Nob Hill Theatre – Sat – Oct 3 @ 9PM

We are starting a new series of performances at Nob Hill Theatre.  Beginning this Saturday, October 3 @ 9PM we will pair two of our HOTTEST PERFORMERS for a little together time on Stage. We call it One On One at the Nob Hill Theatre.  Danny Taggart and Gitano are two of our most sexiest [...]


Kingdom of Sodom Party – Tuesday – October 5th @ 9PM

The infamous KINGDOM OF SODOM PARTY continues at the NOB HILL THEATRE on Tuesday, October 5th.  Paul Miller and his crew are back.  This private password party is THE place to be seen and have a good time.  The Nob Hill Theatre will start the party off with a great SEX SHOW @ 10PM and keep it going with a second SEX SHOW @ 11:30PM.  Doors to Kingdom Of [...]


Rookies Night – Wed – October 7th @ 8PM

Do you think you have what it takes?  Would you like the chance to perform as a House Performer here at the Famous Nob Hill Theatre?  Come Strut Your Stuff on Wednesday, October 7th @ 8PM at our Rookies Night Contest.  There is a $200 CASH PRIZE for the winner.  This is one of our [...]


Dorian Ferro – October 9th & 10th

Dorian Ferro makes his first appearance to the Nob Hill Theatre, Friday & Saturday, October 9th & 10th.  A Falcon Studios Group Exclusive, Dorian Ferro has the hot looks and sexy moves – Just the right attributes for a great set of shows!  Dorian performs solo shows at 8PM, with SEX SHOWS at 10PM.  Don’t [...]


Casey Williams – October 9th & 10th

Casey Williams returns to the Nob Hill Theatre.  WE LOVE CASEY!  He is one HOT Man and will make a great play partner for Dorian Ferro on Friday & Saturday, October 9th & 10th.  Dorian does solo shows @ 10PM and Casey joins him @ 10PM each night for SEX SHOWS! SEX SHOWS @ 10PM [...]


Circle Jerk With Brian Bonds – Thur – October 22nd @ 9PM

Brian Bonds a Falcon Group Exclusive and Nob Hill Favorite takes center circle - Circle Jerk With A Porn Star, on  Thursday, October 22nd @ 9PM  in the Underground Playroom.  Join the Fun!  Join the Circle! $15 ENTRANCE


Adam Killian – October 23rd & 24th

ALL STAR and Nob Hill Fan Favorite Adam Killian returns to Nob Hill Theatre on Friday and Saturday, October 23rd & 24th.  Adam is one of the best and he always draws a crowd.  His sexy looks and hot show brings them back every time.  Adam does Solo Shows @ 8PM and SEX SHOWS @ 10PM [...]

Nov_HughH_Website Vertical

Hugh Hunter – November 6th & 7th

Hugh Hunter returns to the Nob Hill Theatre to take his turn as the main attraction.  Hugh’s first appearance was so successful that we brought him back to really strut his stuff, Friday & Saturday – November 6th & 7th.  Hugh does Solo Shows @ 8PM and the sexy Max Cameron joins him at 10PM [...]


Max Cameron – November 6th & 7th

On of the all time Nob Hill Favorites, Max Cameron, returns to the Nob Hill Theatre on Friday & Saturday – November 6th & 7th.  Max has a great fan base and following.  He teams up with Hugh Hunter for 10PM SEX SHOWS!  These two are a perfect match and will provide quite a show. [...]